Lori Borzilleri Memorial Scholarship

Lori Ann Borzilleri was born in Mesa, Arizona on October 6, 1977. In Flagstaff, she attended school at Kinsey for fifth and sixth grade, Flagstaff Middle School for 7th and 8th, and graduated from Flagstaff High with honors in 1995. Lori received an academic scholarship and graduated from NAU cum laude in 1999.

Lori played musical instruments, loved the outdoors, and all sports. She played softball. As an adult, she spent time walking, running, biking and going to the FAC. She loved animals.

Lori was a Tri Delta Sorority member. She was involved in community service and outreach programs to help children and especially the elderly--her passion--which continued with attendance at Villanova Law School (2000-2003). Lori then went overseas as an an English language teacher to children, before embarking on her law career.

CandleLori BorzilleriCandle

Upon returning, Lori was notified that she passed the Pennsylvania and New Jersey bar exams the first time. That is no easy feat! She took the Arizona Bar a short time later and passed that one as well.

Lori worked in Pennsylvania before returning to Arizona, where she developed her own law practice. She still enjoyed teaching children as a substitute teacher and was even comtemplating a teaching career.

Lori was a very loving and caring individual who touched so many people’s lives–both young and old. She loved her family so much.  She had a great deal yet to do and so much to offer others. All that she accomplished and all her hard work, dedication, caring, and sharing will always be remembered.

This is only a brief description of all that she attained in her life and only a few of all the attributes she demonstrated during her 31 years with us. Lori passed away on January 16, 2009. She was greatly loved by many and will always have a special place in our hearts.

Linda Borzilleri and Josh

Linda Borzilleri, Lori's mother, is a secretary at DeMiguel Elementary and is special to NAMA School of Chung Do Kwan. She has selected Josh Vallecillo, a student of DeMiguel, as the recipient of the Lori Borzilleri Memorial Scholarship. This allows Josh to attend our school tuition free.

Congratulations Josh!