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Notes from Brad Bransky, Third Dan

 A family of martial artistsWe teach Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do, “traditional” as opposed to “sport” martial art, which values scoring in competition.  In our organization, we emphassize perfect-ing and learning basics and kata (organized patterns of movements against imagined opponents) in an effort to hone our mental and physical focus, balance, accuracy, power and speed while building character, integrity, spirit, and honor.The specific movements we learn came directly from Korea and Grand Master Duk Sung Son in the 1950s, but the movements and philosophy behind them have much older roots, (perhaps centuries old) in Japan, Okinawa and other parts of Asia. 

We meet twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm) at DeMiguel Elementary (see map). We're not affiliated with themb, just pay usage fees.
Brad and Sandy the wedding of a club member.

     NAMA School of Chung Do Kwan has qualified instructors, the senior-most being fifth degree black belt Lou Blazquez, who is a direct student of Grand Master Son, and has 31 years experience practicing and teaching Chung Do Kwan.  Mr. Blazquez  is also a retired middle school math teacher with invaluable extensive teaching experience in public schools.  Our school formed in January, 2006, replacing Master Richardson's Chung Do Kwan school, thus this location has been in practice for over twenty years.  We have a regular student body currently comprised of approximately 35 students at all levels of learning.some of whom came from the previously dissolved school which had operated in the community for many years.  Ages of students range from 8 years old to approximately 60 years old. We take special pride in providing guidance to our younger students.(Top of Page)

Our primary function is the presentation of formal instruction.  Our classes are very structured. Instruction is typically provided by Mr. Blazquez, myself, or another qualified black belt instructor.  Our other instructors have at least 8 years of experience practicing and teaching Chung Do Kwan. (None of our instructors receives any monetary compensation). Class runs as follows: After a brief warm up, we engage in a set pattern of stretches during which we emphasize proper breathing, and relaxation. (See our program page.) Focus, proper breathing and mental attitude are paramount in developing skill at these exercises.

Brad does the form "Ship Su".Ranks range from white belt through higher levels of black belt.  Higher ranking students not only learn more complex kata, but are expected to perform all lower kata with more mental and physical focus and acuity. When students of a certain rank have adequate proficiency at basics and kata, and have developed proper mental attitude, they are tested for advancement to the next belt level. Finally, we engage in bag work and different types of no-contact sparring depending on a student’s rank.Younger children can achieve black belt level in approximately eight years of study, while adults can sometimes attain first degree rank in three years.  Obtaining a higher ranking black belt takes numbers of years.  Students at our school must therefore attend for years to achieve proficiency which fosters a regular student body. Once someone, youth or adult, expresses an interest in our school, we make every effort to retain them by providing an enriching experience. (Top of Page)

Our foremost concern, besides safety, is building character. Students at our school are taught to respect each other, regardless of rank, and to respect their fellows outside of school. Self discipline is a basic tenet of our school, and applies to all facets of a student’s life.We teach non-aggression in all but the most dire of circumstances.

Brad's family in 2009

Everyone who attends our school, from whatever walk of life, is equal and has the same opportunity to achieve rank - again building self respect and self confidence. In order to perform properly at our school, development of mental focus supercedes physical strength.  As stated above – character, integrity, spirit and honor become the strengths of our students, and they apply far beyond our school’s wall. For further information, click here.

Note: A book about Brad can be purchased. click here

NAMA School of Chung Do Kwan
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