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School Fees


First month always free of charge.

Monthly family tuition after first month:

  1. One student - $40;
  2. Two students - $70;
  3. Three students and above- $85

Scholarships and reduced tuition rates are available upon demonstration of financial  need.

Testing Fees:

No fee will be charged for tips (awarded to younger students 6th grade and below.)

  1. Yellow Belt test - $30;
  2. Green Belt test - $40;
  3. Purple Belt test - $50;
  4. Brown Belt test - $60;
  5. High Brown Belt test - $50.
  6. First dan - $100, higher dan grades-$150
    High brown and Black Belt test fees are allocated to the Chung Do Kwan USA

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Annual Chung Do Kwan USA Fees  - $20
(Mandatory for yellow belts and above.  Will be prorated for yellow belts depending on when yellow rank achieved.  All annual fees collected sent to CDK USA.)

NAMA School of Chung Do Kwan in Flagstaff, Arizona