CDK USA Techniques practiced in our class

Lynne demonstrates a round house kick.
Lynne, first dan, show a round house kick

Techniques are shown with instructor Brad Bransky.
Brad. third dan, illustrates a side kick.
Techniques are shown with instructor Lisa Ganey.
First dan Lisa illustrates
a middle target punch.
double arm block
Bernie shows a double arm block (above) as a white belt
and a rising arm block (right) as a second degree black belt.
rising arm block knife edge blovk
Brown belt Breanna shows knife edge block.
Reverse punch starts with a block
First degree black belt Scott illustrates reverse punch:
first you block (above) then punch (right)
Reverse punch ends with a punch knife edge attack
Scott also shows a knife edge attack.
upper target punch
Brown belts Breanna and Bill throw upper target punches.
Single arm block
Purple belt Dominic shows a single arm block.
front stretch
Mirna, a white belt, does a front stretch.